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Toe-ta is the father of Kaya'aton'my.


  • Name: Toe-ta
  • First Appearance: Meet Kaya



Kaya's father is an expert horseman and a wise village leader. He taught Kaya how to properly tame her horse so that she could race it. He rides a stallion named Runner.

He found Kaya when in the bitterroot mountains when she'd escaped from her captives and took her and Two Hawks home.

In the Books

Meet Kaya: An American Girl

Kaya's Escape: A Survival Story

Kaya's Hero: A Story of Giving

Kaya and Lone Dog: A Friendship Story

Kaya Shows The Way: A Sister Story

Changes for Kaya: A Story of Courage

The Ghost Wind Stallion

The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya

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