Toys R Us (sometimes stylized as Toys 'R Us) is a chain of toy stores.

In Relation to American Girl

Initial releases of American Girl MegaBloks were available at multiple stores, including Toys R Us.

Starting in Fall 2016, American Girl began to sell nearly all items in the WellieWishers line at Toys R Us, including the dolls.

Later, select locations received Store-in-Store American Girl mini-boutiques. These locations sell select items from the Truly Me line, including dolls, and WellieWishers items. Store locations are generally at a distance from any American Girl Place locations to minimize competition (for example, the stores in Washington State are in Tacoma and Spokane, which are a significant distance away from American Girl Seattle). This resulted in some adaptations of packaging.

Items purchased at these locations do not qualify for AG Rewards points.

Exclusive Sets

In 2017, two WellieWishers outfits were released as Toys R Us Exclusives: the Garden Tea Time Costume and the Flower Fun Outfit.


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