Tracy Albright is the older sister of Julie Albright.

Basic Facts

  • Name: Tracy Albright
  • First Appearance: Meet Julie


Personality and Facts

Tracy Albright is the older sister of Julie Albright and daughter of Daniel and Joyce Albright. Tracy gets along moderately with her family, though she is often blaming her parents for their divorce, and her relationships with both parents (mostly her dad) become strained because of this. Tracy can sometimes be very moody, and does not like to visit her dad very often, but prefers to stay home in her mom's apartment.

Tracy is known to be very trendy, and she loves popular teenage shows, such as Happy Days. Tracy also plays tennis, and seems to settle in quickly to life in a different part of the city, making friends very quickly. She also shows interest in boys, and she adores driving her car around as soon as she gets her license, and is often pestering her mother to let her go get things from the grocery store, or run errands for her. Mrs. Albright is cautious of her daughter's driving abilities, and rarely lets her go out, especially in stormy weather.

Julie and Tracy seem to get along fairly well, though there is a big age difference, so neither of them hang out together much, and if they do, it is mostly Tracy watching Julie.

In The Books

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In Julie Finds a Way

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