True Stories

The cover of True Stories.

True Stories is a American Girl publication focusing on real-life stories from girls. These stories are taken from American Girl Magazine, which has a small section of true stories written by readers.


  • Authors: Multiple
  • Illustrator: Amanda Haley
  • First Published: 2003


Giving Back

The Giving Back section has five stories:

  • Two sisters cut their hair to donate to Locks of Love.
  • A reader with alopecia areata receives a wig from Locks of Love.
  • A girl and her golden retriever go to hospitals to encourage and cheer patients while helping with their therapy.
  • One reader started "Kids Helping Kids", which buys videos for children in hospitals to watch during their stay.
  • One girl starts a business called "Devon's Heal the World", and collects cans to recycle.


The Disaster section has six stories:

  • One family's house is destroyed by a tornado, and is uninhabitable for six months.
  • A reader and her family survives a severe flood for two weeks.
  • A wild fire threatens a girl's ranch, animals, and family.
  • One reader spends overnight in an Arby's restaurant because of a severe snowstorm.
  • A girl and her parents were struck by lightning while hiking.
  • A bear invades a family's home.


The Friends section has seven stories:

  • A reader finds an unexpected friend through a penpal relationship that helped her deal with a painful divorce. The friend also gives her story about how her penpal helped her face a difficult move.
  • One girl becomes a comedian with the encouragement of her family.
  • One reader discusses her experience of going through a normal school day in a wheelchair.
  • A girl and her mother improve their shaky relationship through a book club.
  • Two cousins solved a case and help find a missing boy.
  • One girl and her mother find a bag filled with $600 in cash in the parking lot, and seek out the owner.


The Rescues section has seven stories:

  • A girl chokes on a jawbreaker and is saved by her friend. The girl who saved her has a second story.
  • A family rescues a dog that fell off a bridge.
  • A reader takes control of a runaway bus when the driver fainted.
  • Two friends save a drowning kitten, purposely thrown in a lake by a boater.
  • One girl finds an abandoned man with a broken leg calling for help on a random radio channel.
  • A reader raises money and starts a club to rescue chimps in Africa.


The Obstacles section has five stories:

  • One reader forms a group at her school to prevent bullying.
  • A girl records a CD to help raise awareness for Lyme disease, which took the life of her golden retriever.
  • A reader raises $8,500 through a lemonade stand for the Red Cross, after her cousin's life was claimed in the 9-11 terrorist attack.
  • One girl learns to swim, her favorite sport, again after falling from a horse, and paralyzing her right arm.
  • A reader overcomes her mother's death from cancer.


The Heroes section has three stories:

  • One reader and her two cousins were almost attacked by an angry mother moose, but saved by her Alaskan malamute.
  • A softball team renames their playing field after a young teammate that died of a brain tumor.
  • A girl remembers the donor that supplied her crucial bone marrow transplant—a firefighter whom later died in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

My True Story

Several sheets of watercolored, splotched purple, pink, blue, and green paper is included in the back for a girl to tell her own personal true story. There is a small red and pink heart illustration in the lower-right hand corner of each page. The address of the editor and mailing instructions are printed on the back of the last page.

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