Two-in-One Ballerina Set as shown on Just Like You 21 and Just Like You 26 with then included storybook.

The Two-in-One Ballerina Set (also known as the Two-in-One Ballerina Outfit) is a Just Like You outfit released in 2007 and retired in 2011. Retail cost was $34.

While the outfit was often displayed on two dolls, only one complete set was sold.


Pink spaghetti-strap leotard. Small gather at the chest.


Pink georgette wrap skirt. Double layered. Slight elastic to waist. Pink ribbon bow at left side where skirt wraps over.


Heather gray cotton warm-up gaucho pants. Elastic waist and simple hems.


Black long sleeved semi-sheer wrap sweater. Black velvet ribbon trim at front wrap. Closes with Velcro with right over left.

Leg Warmers

Pale pink ribbed knit leg warmers. Elastic at top rows.


Pink ballet slippers. Soft leather sole and elastic strap to go over top of foot.


Pink knit headband. White stretch ring in back.


Silver iridescent dance bag. Drawstring closure. Front pocket. Pink Abbreviated AG logo. Came with an attached silver charm clip; dangling two silver metal heart charms and pink bead on chains, and small American Girl Logo in charm.


Sheba Lee: Short story. This was removed in 2009.




Round "Confidence" charm. This was added in 2010.

Dress Like Your Doll

The children's outfit was available:

  • Leotard: $28
  • Sweater: $38
  • Pants: $36
  • Skirt: $34
  • Dance Bag: $18

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