The Two-in-One Surf Swimsuit as shown on Just Like You 28 and Just Like You 23 with included book.

The Two-in-One Surf Swimsuit is a Just Like You outfit released in 2010 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $34.


Two-piece swimsuit of white stretch fabric with a yellow, green, and blue flower print. Swimsuit top is styled like a one-shoulder crop top, except that a second strap made of blue stretch fabric is present. Swimsuit briefs are gathered at sides with small blue ribbon ties attached at top of gathers to simulate drawstrings.


Elbow-sleeved raglan top of stretch fabric. Front and back panels are light blue, side panels and sleeves are lime green. Decorative topstitching in light blue. White AG logo and green, yellow, and blue flower decals on front. Fastens up the back with non-snag velcro.


Short blue A-line skirt of stretch fabric. Wide elastic waistband with small white bow attached at front to simulate drawstring. AG logo and flower decals on left side near hem.


Lime green flip-flop style sandals. Foam soles and flexible plastic uppers. Clear elastic at back to help hold sandal on doll's foot. Overall pattern of small white flowers with blue centers printed on upper soles. Bottoms of soles are textured.


Beach Reading. This was later removed.




Heart "Smart" charm; replaced book.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girl's outfit was available:

  • Swimsuit: $38
  • Shirt: $28
  • Skirt: $28
SurfSwimsuit girls


SurfShirt girls


SurfSkirt girls


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