Hendrick Frosbythe, also known as Uncle Hendrick, is the great-uncle of Kit Kittredge.


Hendrick is Margaret Kittredge's wealthy and very disapproving uncle; the family refers to him as Uncle Kendrick. Uncle Hendrick disapproves of the way the Kittredges handle money, being especially critical of Jack Kittredge.

Kit describes Uncle Hendrick as a "sourpuss", Kit and Ruthie claim him to be the ogre of Cincinnati.

Uncle Hendrick always greets Kit with sharp brainteasers. He always leaves Kit feeling flustered and fumbled. She always feels foolish around him.

Uncle Hendrick is a miser and skinflint, who doesn't believe in giving money away, but rather earning it.

Even though Kit finds Uncle Hendrick to be "crabby, cranky, and cantankerous", she will admit that Uncle Hendrick taught her how to properly write to the newspaper through all of the letters he had Kit write when his arm was broken. Kit also admires the way Uncle Hendrick puts words together. His articles always make it in the newspapers.

Uncle Hendrick isn't quite as compassionate to those who have lost their jobs and homes, as he is against the Covington hospital being turned into a homeless shelter. Uncle Hendrick also is against FDR, who he calls "that man in the white house". He feels that FDR is milking taxpayers' money to fund his programs.

He has a dog named Inky who is just as cranky.

In the Books

Meet Kit: An American Girl

Kit's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Changes for Kit: A Winter Story

A Thief in the Theater

Intruders at Rivermead Manor

Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit

In The Film

He is played by Kenneth Walsh.


  1. Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit, pg. 132: "Ha!" scoffs the woman. "I've been Hendrick Frosbythe's neighbor for thirty years..."

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