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Valerie Tripp is the most prolific author of American Girl series books.

She has written a majority of the published by American Girl, including several of the Historical Characters' and BeForever books, the Hopscotch Hill School series and the WellieWishers series.

She has a Master’s of Education degree from Harvard University and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Historical Characters and BeForever Series

Felicity and Elizabeth


Samantha and Nellie

Kit and Ruthie

Molly and Emily


Hopscotch Hill School

  • Good Sport Gwen
  • Lindy's Happy Ending
  • Hallie's Horrible Handwriting
  • Teasing Trouble
  • Thank You, Logan!
  • Bright, Shiny Skylar
  • The Fair-Share Pair
  • The One And Only Delaney


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