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Voices at Whisper Bend is the fourth History Mystery.


  • Charlotte Campbell
  • Jim Campbell
  • Robbie Campbell
  • Ma' Campbell
  • Pa' Campbell
  • Betsy Schmidt
  • Paul Rossi
  • Sophie Jaworski
  • Mr. Costa
  • Frankie Zalenchak
  • Danny Merkow
  • Peter Scmidt
  • Mr. Willis
  • Mrs. Alexander
  • Joseph Stankowski
  • Tommy Stankowski
  • Tess Stankowski


Chapter 1: Boots

Chapter 2: Scrappers

Chapter 3: Confetti Letter

Chapter 4: Persons Unknown

Chapter 5: Suspicious Characters

Chapter 6: Stitches

Chapter 7: Runaways on the River

Chapter 8: Down by the Tracks

Chapter 9: A Rocky Cove

Chapter 10: Night Fishing

Chapter 11: Voices in the Fog

Chapter 12: At Whisper Bend

Chapter 13: All Wet

Chapter 14: Extreme Hardship

A Peek into the Past

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