The Volleyball Outfit as seen on Just Like You 21.

The Volleyball Outfit is a Just Like You outfit that was released in 2008 and retired in 2010. Retail cost was $28.


Pink and white cap sleeve collared jersey. Two black and pink patches on sides. White front; American Girl Logo with gray and pink 2 below. White logo star on right shoulder. Velcros up the back.


Black knit shorts. Pink logo star at the bottom of the right leg.


Pink knee pads. Elastic on back to slip over legs.


White knee socks.


Pink, white, and black athletic shoes. Black elastic laces. Curving silver stripe. White rubber soles.

Hair Bands

Ten thin pink elastic hair bands.


Pink and white volleyball. Pink American Girl Logo on a white part.


Get Your Head in the Game: Sports tips.

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