Willa is one of the five main characters in the WellieWishers line.

Personality, Description, and Facts

Willa is an elementary aged white girl with long red hair (frequently worn in two ponytails), light skin, freckles, and hazel eyes.

A natural-born tree climber and animal-lover, Willa cherishes nature and loves nothing more than being around it. While being a friend to all sorts of animals, Willa is especially fond of a rabbit known as "Carrot", communicating via "Rabbit Language".[1].

Willa's signature colors include soft red and sea green. Willa's animal-themed outfit includes a red hedgehog based shirt, a greenish skirt with a floral pattern, and wellies with a ladybug motif. She also wears a headband with cloth ties resembling rabbit ears. The backyard garden they play in belongs to her Aunt Miranda.

Willa is allergic to roses; they make her sneeze.[2] She also has mild stage fright and doesn't like to perform alone.[3]


While Willa is in all the books, she is the focus of The Riddle of the Robin and Willa's Wilderness Campout.

Other Media


See Willa (doll)


  • As revealed in Episode 4, her favorite animal is a cat.
  • Willa's name in Mexico is Jillian.[4]

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