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Z Yang is one of the first releases of the Contemporary Characters line. She was released in 2017. Z was originally designed for the Z.Crew line and first appeared in those videos online.

Personality and Facts

Z is Korean-American[2] and from Seattle, Washington.

She likes to make stopmotion videos with her American Girl Dolls, with the help of her friends Lauren and Mariela. She also wants to direct her own movies someday.

She sometimes has trouble when she doesn't have control of her projects, getting upset when filming is delayed or other people don't appreciate her efforts, and often tries to do everything herself. She works very hard and often tries to include her friends in on projects.

She uploads her stopmotion videos online after her parents view them, and has thousands of subscribers. She is also a part of the Camera Club at school, which reports on School Events.

Family and Friends


  • Michelle Yang: Z's Mother
  • Mr. Yang: Z's Father

Friends and Other Characters

  • Lauren McClain: Z's Best Friend
  • Mariela Ramirez: Z's Best Friend
  • Gigi: Z's Friend
  • Becka: Z's Friend
  • Mr. Mullolly: The head of the Camera Club
  • Andrew: A member of the Camera Club
  • Maddie: A member of the Camera Club

Books and Media

See: List of Z's Books



Main article: Z Yang (doll)
  • Face Mold: Jess Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Black-Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


See: Z's Collection


  • Z was originally an online-only character as part of the Z.Crew videos, played by Just Like You 64.

See also


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Contemporary Characters

Tenney Grant
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Logan Everett


Z Yang

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